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This Thing Called PSP

What's this thing called PSP?
I pondered and I wondered...
I hit this key and that key..
Oh gosh how I blundered!

It scared me to death
the things what were in there,
the tools were all taunting...
Click on me if you dare! 

I clicked on the browser
and things went a'flyin...
scared me to death
and left me a'cryin!

I hit the wrong key
and the toolbar went 'Poof!'
I thought "Oh my goodness,
did I ever goof!

It said 'open an image'
an image? What could that be?
This button, that button...
This thing's a'pickin on me!!

But the more I went in there
and the more things I tried,
I no longer feared it,
I no longer cried.

I learned it and learned it
and learned it some more,
Now the rest of my life
I just plain ignore! 

So don't bother callin
I won't answer the phone...
I'm a PSP'er....
Just leave me alone!!! 

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