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You Know You Are Addicted to PSP When...

  • When you look at every greeting card as a possible tag.
  • When you buy a new coat, and tell others it's your new Raster Layer.
  • When you see a frown on someone's face & you tell them to put a bezier curve on.
  • When you sign papers and you are frantically looking for your tag to put on them.
  • When you tell people you put on your gem tubes instead of your earrings.
  • When you can tell what fonts are being used in TV commercials.
  • When other women complain of PMS you think of PSP.
  • When you look at pictures on people's walls and think "I could have put a better frame on them than that!"
  • When you phone your local hospital to find out if they offer a PSP "block" support group.
  • When your idea of "marching ants" differs from the little columns of black insects roving through your kitchen.
  • When you go to the paint store and ask where the "custom" brushes are.
  • When you think it would be so much easier to flood fill your walls instead of painting them.
  • When the word "challenge" makes you instantly look for a picture at the end of the sentence.
  • When you are in the hot sun you look around you for a drop shadow to sit under.
  • When your boss gives you a new assignment and you ask if there is a tutorial for it.

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